123American Business Conference

A Coalition of Growth Companies

The American Business Conference (ABC) is a coalition of leaders of midsize, high growth, job-creating American companies. It is the only Washington business group solely focused on this vital sector.

The mission of ABC is to advocate policies to promote economic growth and a higher standard of living for all Americans. Specifically, we focus on:

Unlike some business groups, ABC is nonpartisan. We do not make campaign contributions. Because ABC represents the winners in American business, the group’s influence is a product of our members’ experience and ideas.

ABC is a consensus organization. Our members – not ABC staff – decide our agenda; and our members are also the primary communicators of ABC’s viewpoints to policymakers. And because ABC members are drawn from all industries, those views have a power and persuasiveness that only rarely is matched by associations or coalitions reflecting the views of one industry. As one of our members, Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems, an engineering software company, wrote about ABC:

"If we are to reorient Washington in a way that raises the standard of living for our citizens, growth companies have to speak up on issues such as tax, budget, and trade policy, regulation, legal reform, and capital markets. These are not industry-specific concerns. They are American concerns. And ABC is one of the few organizations that can give voice to them in an effective way. That’s why I am a member."