123American Business Conference

About ABC

Founded in 1981 by Arthur Levitt, Jr., in collaboration with the consulting firm of McKinsey & Company, the American Business Conference (ABC) has believed, from its inception, that the nation’s economic future lies in the ambitions and dreams of entrepreneurs.

It is not generally known how vital the midsize, entrepreneurial sector is for the overall American economy. By one estimate, the midsize sector accounts for about a third of US GDP and employs 43 million Americans. These mid-market companies are, in the words of the Economist Intelligence Unit, the "key drivers of the US economy’s growth."

One might think that, given its importance, the middle market sector would be of special concern to policymakers. It isn’t. Such firms rarely have a permanent presence in Washington. As a result, far too often in the formation of tax, trade, and regulatory policies, middle market companies are an afterthought.

To correct this neglect, ABC offers interested business leaders of midsize companies an opportunity to be heard in Washington. Via its meetings in Washington, ABC provides its members with unparalleled access to:

We supplement these off-the-record meetings with extensive written communications, including comment letters to regulators on issues of importance to our members, op-eds and timely press releases, as well as letters to members of Congress and the Administration on a variety of matters. These communications have an impact because, in the words of Congressman Steny Hoyer: ABC’s voice "as a leader of our business community, is especially powerful."